Canteen Management
The practice of printing Canteen Coupons and manually maintaining a record of its usage is a tedious and time consuming task. Innumerable delays occur right from printing them, re-ordering them from time to time, keep a register of issue and usage, and finally calculate the monthly consumption of each employee and deduct the same from their salary. Contractors or employees of your organization often take advantages of this lacuna in your existing system. Just imagine the loss and reoccurring cost involved in this practice and calculate this loss for months and years together. You will definitely prefer to lap up a system, which is cost effective yet highly efficient, easy to install and operate. It is here that Automated Canteen System is fast gaining its foothold in companies as an easy cost saving tool for your Canteen Management.

Club Management system enables club to manage huge database without much efforts.
All the manual entries and errors are eliminated with a fully automated system.
All types of transactions related to the facilities of the club are accurate efficient and online
The Management can view the members details/reports as and when required.
Saves operation costs.

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