Platform Scales
Our platform scales from 60 kg to more than 5000 kg. The rugged weighing platforms are suitable for daily use in dry and wet areas. For all types of applications, the ST- PT series of platform scales offer an ergonomy adapting itself perfectly to your environment and your needs. Whether it is for simple weighing operations or more complex weighing functions, their simplicity of installation and use will immediately seduce you. The modular construction of the scale, with just one single connection cable between the weighing platform and the indicator, allows installation of the indicator on a table or work bench, fitted against the wall or mounted on a column. By their industrial protection (IP 54), these platform scales meet all requirements of even the most demanding industrial environment.
Ganga-Corporates-scale Ganga-Corporates-shimadzu_dualrange
Ganga-Corporates-ipa-ipb Ganga-Corporates-ipa-ipb-k9

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