We offer high end weighbridge solutions to help monitor the inventory control of bulk materials across any industry.
Our range of weighbridges include an extensive array of steel as well as pre-cast weigh bridges designed for long life and consistent performance.
Concrete weighbridges offer the most economic solution with the advantage of providing a virtually maintenance free load carrying structure coupled with an impressive life span.
Our weigh bridges can be pit or surface mounted (pitless) with ramps for easier access. All the features of our high performance load cells are geared to provide for total accuracy and precision in readings.
We also offer automated vehicle weighing solutions with optional unmanned or remote operations and a wide range of software packages for increased management control.

1. The expense of pit construction is completely eliminated
2. The foundation is simplified and more cost effective.
3. Absolutely no risk of water logging because of the height above the ground.


1. The absence of a ramp makes it occupy minimal space
2. The platform is flush with the ground level, making mounting of vehicles easier.

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