Human Resource Management System (HRMS) is a state-of-art, open ended, completely integrated user-friendly software that caters to the complete automation of the human resource management. It is engineered on strong foundations of Client/Server providing a high degree of flexibility, scalability, extensibility, portability, reliability, robustness and seamless integration. It is geared to lead you into the twenty first century. It provides high degree of flexibility and easy of use and ease of maintenance. It provides for easy ,accurate & timely retrieval of employee and activity oriented information through menu driven, user friendly operation. Allows user to store Employees Photograph against. the name of the Employee or his code number . The Existing Data Tables in DBASE, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, ACCESS and more can be linked and used without modifying them.

Storage and retrieval of photographs/signature/clipping
Meets the requirement of all the level of management.
Easy retrieval of data makes the system unique.
Can have any ODBC supportive database back end like MS-ACCESS/SQL/ORACLE
User friendly system.
Open ended to create data as per requirement of organization
'N' number of queries and letters can be generated
Extensive search by different type of sorting facility
Attractive and presentable reports
Fast query retrieval
Extra features like DTP, Label Making, mail merge etc.
Built in report writer to generate any type of reports.
Facility to generate graphical outputs
Context sensitive help
Can be integrated with third party software like crystal reports etc.

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