Touch Token
An Ideal device to record employee attendance, restrict unwanted employee movements and prevent unauthorized entrants.

Employee simply touches a tiny steel token to the sensor. Upon successful verification of ID number, Time Zone and other data, the ID number with date and time is stored as a record with a beep and visual indication. 5500 records can be stored in the unit and transferred to PC through supplied software over RS-232/RS-485, modem or Ethernet.

The Token reader can even write data from unit to token, if required. The token can save data for use by other devices like Automated Canteen Systems, Vehicles Fare Monitoring Systems, Clubs, Hospitals, Banks, Co-Ops etc...

Token is a tiny silicon read and write memory chip housed in stainless steel enclosure, size of a button cell. It ensures long lasting tamper proof operations making it an ideal choice for dusty and corrosive environment where other sensors fail to perform.

Any number of units can be connected to a Hub/Switch/Router for an enterprise wide connectivity over existing LAN or Internet.

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