The unit has no external keys available to users and hence it is tamper-proof. No moving of mechanical parts ensures a virtually maintenance free system. There are no skills required to operate the unit. Just drop card in any vertical direction. The records are then stored in non-volatile memory, with an audible signal of successful storage. The records remain intact for a period of 5 years in absence of power to the Unit. It's in-built UPS ensures operation for 72 hours without Mains Power. It can store records of say 100 employees for a period of about 10 days. Once the data is captured from OASYS to a PC using the Data Capture Software, the memory in OASYS becomes free to store new records. It's Buffer Full features prevents overwriting of data. The captured data can be processed with the help of MIS Software to generate various reports. It can also generate Pay-Slips of employees with the help of Payroll software.

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